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What Light Meter


Hello everyone, I have recently acquired a 503CX with a 80M Lens. I need to get a good Light Meter. Does anyone have any advice for me as I will me mainly using the 503cx for portraits and landscapes. Thanks in advance. Happy Christmas
Hi Matt,

That is like asking a welder what welding material he thinks is best or asking a painter what brushes he prefers.

Hasselblad had a nice range of metering prisms.
I would not recommend the earliest model.
The later PME series are quite good.
The PME 45 is a very desirable one, s/h still going at the price of a nice used lens.

For me handheld means Gossen.
No matter how old and what route they went before you get one of those compare it to any other Gossen in working condition and they differ no more than 1/2 a stop between the two that is.

I use a master six, a multi six because that one is smaller and fits into my SWC bag and a Spotmaster II.

Like any tool it means you have to get used to it and learn how to judge the reading you get.

Both Gossen and Sekonic have some small but good meters.
In this case it is not allways size that matters.
Thanks Paul.

I have my eyes on a nice Sekonic L-308s for $350AUD.
I also saw a 2nd hand Sekonic L-608 for $649AUD.
Foto Riesel have a discount January on some products so I will make use of that.