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What is the proper focus focus leve for 150mm lens



I have an older black 150mm 4.0 lens.
I bought a #2 focus knob.

It seems rather tight to slip over the lens.
The #1 I have for my 80mm is rather easy to fit.

Did I buy the wrong focus attachment?
I assume you mean focus lever. I just put a number 2 lever on my 150mm f/4 T* by loosening the screw considerably and slipping it over the front of the lens barrel and affixing it over the focusing ring by tightening the screw. This took a little wiggling, but the fit, once tightened, seems right. The number 2 should be the right lever, and KEH, where I bought it, specified it as being for 120 to 180mm lenses, if I remember correctly.
Mine just seemed rather tight
Maybe my #1 for the 80mm is too loose...
The diameter of the two ring fitting over the lens' focussing ring levers is the same.
They differ in the angle the actual lever has. The one for short lenses, having the focussing ring sit close to the camera, angles out to get more clearance between lever and camera. The one for the longer lenses does not.

So any tight fit problems are not (!) a the-wrong-lever issue.

I apologize, but what i wrote about the diameter was not quite right.
In fact it was quite wrong.
so they are both different sizes??
I didn't get a chance to look at mine today