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What is a good price for a H3D 39 80mm kit


New Member
I am seriously considering investing in a H3D 39 kit.

Mainly for studio and some landscaping.

What is a good price for the kit?

I know that B&H lists it for about $29k but I have seen it also for $21k

With this disparity, can someone point me to a reputable dealer at a very competitive price.


Antonio, Who you select as a dealer is very important.

Contact Jim Arnosky at City Lights Digital

1 (248) 589-9009

Best prices available price for Hasselblad supported and warranted H3D/39. Also, a very knowledgeable and experienced dealer. Jim is also a photographer who actually uses this stuff.

This may be of interest to you....

Curious that no multi-shot backs are offered.

I'm based in Europe, so this offer is of no interest to me, but it has allowed me to haggle even more on the price of my 39Mp MS.