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What flash are you using with your H1



Which sca3902 adapter is everyone using, the one made by hasselblad or metz ? They both look identical, from the same factory, probably just different packaging and price. Guess it does not matter which one if I'm going to use a metz shoe mount flash. Id like to know what you are using on your h1, shoe mount or hammerhead ? Hopefully I will be moving to a digital back if something less expensive comes from photokina. All this talk about digital repeatability for studio flash heads does not seem to apply to camera mount units ? or does it ? It seems to not be a concern as no manufacturers of on camera units is talking about it. Perhaps it only applies to the medium format digital back studio world. Perhaps not noticable or worthy of the 6,8,10Mp dslr's. Any comments appreciated.
Anthony, I'm using the 70MZ5, the biggest "hammerhead" from Metz; lots of power, but quite bulky to carry around. Mounting on the camera takes more time than a shoe mount would. It all depends on your work-style what will fit you best.

Digital: Please be aware that the glass filter of a digital back is less reflective than a film surface. This means that using TTL flash measurement will give over exposed images. My advise is to select a flash unit that can be used in Auto-mode, since then it's the flash (or its control unit) that's measuring the light reflected from the subject. The TTL flash correction on the H1 (+- 2EV?) is not enough to compensate. On a Kodak Proback 645H that I tested, overexposure was at least 3 EV in TTL mode.

My experience with studio heads and digital is limited, but I did experience that combining different heads was not so smart. The back is very sensitive to variations in colour temperatures, so combining some cold head's with others slightly warmer gave a visual variation on a white background.

I wouldn't count on less expensive medium backs for a while, though. Remember that making big CCD's are very expensive due to the failure rate on the disks they are produced on. When the size of the CCDs grow, the chance for one pixel to be corrupt increases, yielding a higher rejection rate than with those used in compact or 35mm DSLR systems. Until someone solves this problem, or the production cost of those disks drop significantly, I'm afraid that new backs will stay expensive for a while. But you could consider used, though. Since Kodak no longer produces their medium backs, I'm sure there is someone out there considering other alternatives. Some dealers might also sell their demo units for a favourable price.
Ttlied, that is a big unit, seen some 45 cl's and the fat grip with finger indentations feels a bit bulky, did not feel comfortable. The 70 series look like they have a better smoother grip though I have not tried one yet. Originally I was thinking of a 32-mz3 + g16 power grip. I need to move quick around dogs and cats out doors so bulk is a concern. 90% of shots are in portrait so having one hand gripping the H1 and other a metz grip rather than the body may take some getting used to.