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What bagcase do you use for your H1



Good Day to all.

I have purchased several Pelican cases with pluck foam for my H1, lenes backs etc... but would like to have a bag for just "Pack and Go" into the City etc...
The H1 is my Studio cam but I find I'm reaching for it all the time.
Thanks for the input.
Richard, I generally use the LowePro Stealth Reporter - a mix of 450 and 650 (largest), but find the 650 best for Hassy 6x6.

Why? access from the top is helpful; they do not use velcro ( I hate it); superbly made; reasonable cost; high quality foam inserts; fully removable padded dividers and liner.

Most of all it is the only bag I have found that is not rectangular/square at the back against your back when on the shoulder. Here I mean that most soft bags are a bit "boxy"; this bag is more flexible to mould around your back. A subtle but IMHO a VIP point.

In the 650 I can fit: 1 503cw with fitted lens and back; s pare backs and light meter; 3 - 4 lenses depending upon size. Perfect day outing kit - no mre required or I will need a wheel chair!

Most of all - I find the Hassy 6x6 gear is ideally suited to being loaded into a bg "top down" - so each item I mentioned above is place in facing down onto very good padding - no messing about.

If I am takinf less gear I may take the 450 more compact bag (anything smaller is useless) with: camer/lens/back; light meter; 1 extra lens and D40 or 2 lenses and an extra back.

I'm sure an H1 kit will work much the same for you.

While I use a Billingham bag for my Leica M7 and XPan II kits, I've not seen one for the Hassy that is as comfortable as the LowePro Stealth Reporters.