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What are these Flexbody accessories for Are they essential


What are these Flexbody accessories for? Are they essential?
72413 correction slide 10 deg.
72415 correction slide 20 deg.
72411 stray light protection slide

Would you buy a Flexbody outfit without the stray light protection slide? Is it essential?
The focussing screen has a Fresnel-lens, like all focussing screens. That lens works best when light is hitting it at a certain angle.
When you use tilt, the angle changes.

The 'correction slides' (nomen est omen) correct the angle, keeping the screen as bright and evenly lit as possible.

The stray light protection slide is to close the gap the corection slides go in when no correction slide is in use, 'protecting' (again, nomen est omen
) the focussing screen against (guess...
) 'stray light' entering through that gap, ruining the viewfinder image.

I would seriously consider buying another FlexBody that did come with these accessories.
Very helpful--thank you. An outfit I have been offered does not have the stray light slide but does have the other two slides.

Is there any glass in the stray light slide? If there is none, could I make a device to fit the slide slot and block off stray light.

If there is no glass, it seems to me that it would be easy to "fill" the slot or, at worst, to tape over it.

What do you think?

The FLEXBODY obviously came with screen adapter 72405 and the above given correction slides + some other parts .
I have bought screen adapter 41057 some years ago , and got the three slides (see above on page 1) with it in a little black leather pouch . I never used the coorection slides , as i have no FLEXBODY . But now as i can attach HASSELBLAD magazines to my ARCASWISS 6x9 , i will have to use them .
The technical setup is as follows .
The lens is APO-GRANDAGON 5,6/45mm (as for the ARC-BODY , but without focus mount) .
When using the SWC screen adapter (41050) , i get a very bright and clear image on screen , but when doing a shift more then 5 mm , i get a very distorted image on screen .
Now , using the adapter 41057 with the correction slide 10* , i can shift to about 15 mm and with the correction slide 20* up to 25mm getting a clear image on screen , when inserting the correction slide with the 10* , 20* label showing away from me (towards the lens) .
When i insert the correction slides with the 10* , 20* label showing to me , i get extremely distorted images with the background doubled on screen .
I have no description , on how to use the slides and also cant get one . HASSELBLAD Germany told me , the slides have to be used with the label showing towards the photographer , but that gives me , as described above , obviously the wrong results .
Can you and might be other users of the FLEXBODY (or ARCBODY) help ? ?

The text on the slide should, according to all sources, face the rear/photographer.

"Should". But if your slides produce usable results with the text facing away from you, do keep the text facing away from you!
I have only just recently bought a Flexbody from ebay and as yet have not used it apart from taking it out and having a look at it.
I have found that depending what angle you are tilting the flexbody ( \ or / ) it will depend which side of the adapter you insert the correction screen... but each time the text is facing towards you. I hope that makes sense to you.
I have the instruction book at home. It covers this point clearly but I cannot remember which option is which.

Anyhow, you have the text on the slides facing you (when you are behind the camera) if the back is tilted so that the lower edge of the back is closer to the camera body than the top edge of the back. You have the text on the slides facing away from you (when you are behind the camera) if the back is tilted so that the lower edge of the back is further from the camera body than the top edge of the back.

It is either as I have described it or the other way round!