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Welcome to Hasselbladinfocom


Dear Hasselblad lover!

Welcome to this new Hasselblad User Forum. There is an additional Hasselblad Photo-Gallery with this site. Both systems have separated registration systems. Since we plan to combine both together in the future, please use the same username/password combination for both.

If you are already a member of one of our sister sites, feel free to use the exact same username/password combination, so it is less work for you.

The "newbies" to this forum software will be pleased with the features you will have. This forum software is a mixture between online Forum and smart mailing list. You can either post your comments directly online in the specific thread, or answer to questions over the e-mail notifications you get from this forum.

If you answer with this "reply by e-mail" function, the system puts your answer automatically in the appropriate thread (assuming you put your answer also in the right e-mail subject) as if you would have been there yourself online.

It is a smart mailing list, since you can specify in your profile, from which thread exactly you wish to have e-mail notifications turned on. So you do not get bothered with subjects/e-mails you are not interested in at all.

Everbody knows this problem of getting e-mails you are not interested in. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of all mailing lists out there and you avoid it with Hasselblad

So you have the best of both worlds at this site!

At the beginning the e-mail notifications are turned ON for ALL threads. So please change your personal settings in your profile!

The Photo Gallery uses a separate registration system- Please use there the same username/password combination as in the forum. There you can upload your own photos (please be selective - pick your best images) and discuss them with others. You can send photos as e-cards, you can rate them and photo competitions are planned too.

Have fun with it!