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We wish you a fast recovery


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A couple of days ago I got a message from Don Neyhard that he was hospitalised for heart problems.

Many of us know Don for his excellent pictures.
His pano shot of a steam powered train comes to mind.

Don reports he is doing well after surgery.
His engine got a tune up that will give him more power to do the things he likes so much.
The fact that he is reading the latest news about CFV digital indicates he is doing well after the operation.


We all wish you a fast recovery and look froward to see a new post from you in a little while.



I would very much like to join in to Pauls words , and I wish you a successful recovery .
As you like B/W images and have given us two wonderful examples for the calender , I thought , I would add a B/W image , just for you .

Water is life and here you have plenty .

Best regards . Jürgen

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Hello to all--

Thanks for the nice encouraging words. I am progressing well considering my surprise quick cure after flunking my stress test. A stent wouldn't work in my case so I now am the proud owner of a triple bypass. Would have much rather had a new CFV-39 surprise. Joking aside, I feel blessed that this problem was found early enough for there not to be any heart muscle damage. My wife is recommending that we suggest a stress test to all of our friends--I mean that I would have been one of the last that would have thought something was not quite right with my body.

Jurgen, that is a really uplifting B&W image done in your usual impeccable style. I know that you can't wait to try out your new CFV-39. Once I am able to climb the stairs to my scanners, I will try to post some images myself.

Again, thanks guys for your kind thoughts.

How are you doing ? ? ?

Hello Don
I do hope , that you are making good progress in your recovery .
Please give us a feedback .

Good Morning to all--

Thanks Jurgen for asking about my progress. Yes, I do appear to be recovering without problems altough I am getting really bored being somewhat confined to the home turf. I am normally very active and now my day seems to consist of reading the newspaper, checking out the laptop for photo news, reading magazines, watching daytime TV(now that is really something else--Ha!!), exercising and then starting the routine all over again. The saving grace is the "Hasselblad Forum" and all of the members gear comments--very enjoyable!
I will go back to see the surgeon on 7/22 and I think that I should get a good report. Actually, I am amazed that all is going so well considering all that has taken place.

Again, thanks for your concern.

Hello Don,

Sounds like you are getting impatient to start doing the things you like so much.
That must be a good sign of the progress you are making.

Hasselblad managed once again to surprise us with the new CFV 39 digital back.
As long as my arithmetic is right I counted two users who ordered one so far.
Not bad considering the price tag for the CFV 39.