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Dear Medium Format users,

we are running this forum now already a couple of years for you, actually since March 2003. We are proud that this forum became so often visited by you and that you helped each other in finding the best equipment or photo advise here. It is surely one of the most attractive MF Forum on the net.

But as you might imagine, to run a site like this forum and the whole photo portal incl. the photo gallery etc. costs us real money.

We do not want to switch to fee-based access, but we need to finance this somehow.

Since the donations & subscription decreased over the last 12 months dramatically, we would like to remind you, that it might be now the time to donate or subscribe for a specific userlevel. This is the only way how we can avoid to introduce somewhere in the future mandatory fee-based accesses.

If you think how much value this forum gave you in the past and will give you in the future, we are sure you agree, that a subscription is worth this easily ten times and more.

Here is a link to the subscription page:

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Thanks in advance

Your Team