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We expand into new languages French Italian and Spanish


Dear Hassy Users,

since our concept of camera-community forums is very successful and in demand, we are going to expand our forums into new countries and languages. We are proud to inform you that we are offering beside our German and English community forums now also community forums in French, Italian and Spanish. So from today on, we do offer community forums in 5 different languages. This is REALLY international now

The first camera-brands we are offering for these 3 new languages are Canon, Nikon and Minolta. More will follow next year. Just go to:

and click on the flag for your language/ country.

There is still some work to do, but we wanted to go online still in November. So you can now already start using it. For all English sites, everything stays the same.

These new community forums are currently not moderated. If you are a native speaker in one of these languages and you are interested to become a moderator for a specific forum and help to build these new communities, feel free to contact us here (webmaster's address). We are looking for 3-5 moderators for each forum, so that it is not too much work and still a lot of fun.

Your Team