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WAHOO 203FE back from overseas With CFV ability now


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Why is this man smiling?


Sent my 203FE off to be CLA'ed, some parts replaced and brought up to factory specs ... plus converted for use with the CFV digital back.

Arrived back looking and working like new with documentation as a certified pre-owed camera. Sweeeeeet!

I immediately slapped on the CFV, set it for the 200 series cameras in the menu, and went around my house shooting. The only thing I kept forgetting to do was adjust the 203's meter sensitivity when I changed the back's ISO. Duh ! You only goof up like that a couple of times to teach you to pay attention. I have a second 203FE I will leave for film use.

I have to determine if the etched focusing screen that came with the back will also work with the 203FE. I don't see why not, but I will make sure ... then see if I can order a replacement.
If not available, there are drop in masks that fit under the focusing screen to define the capture area of the CFV back.

Anyone with a 200 series camera most certainly has a digital path to pursue while maintaining the film option. With the recent CFV price break, it's becoming a bit more attractive.
Hello Marc

I just had a call with HASSELBLAD Germany . The modification of the 203FE for CFV usage can now also be done in Germany . There is a waiting list because they do not have enough parts for all modification requests from Germany . The estimated waiting time will be about 2 weeks .
I gave them a question , which could not clearly be answered .
Perhaps you know already .
Can the auto-bracketing function still be used (after the modification)
aaa) film usage and bbb) for CFV usage . (of course with motor winder attached) .

I suspect , that the camera with attached winder is too fast for the CFV back . But without winder , bracketing does not make much sense .
Hi Marc,

You might have mentioned it already, maybe I missed it but: what amount of $ did you have to part from for the conversion?


The modification for the 203FE costs 400 € + VAT + shipping here in Germany .
I will get my 203FE modified after Easter . So i can finally also use my FE DISTAGON 2,8/50 and my FE PLANAR 2,0/110 with the CFV BACK .
LOL, good one Keith.

But then I can reach into by bag of tricks and Presto! ... produce a film back to shoot 40mm.
However, since a vast majority of my shooting with this camera is of people, I almost never use a 40mm ... even with a film back. And then there's the opposite effect ... the 250/4FE produces te field of view of a 375/4.

Wilko, the cost of conversion was under $500. US. $475. if I recall correctly.

Jurgen, it is a delight to use the FE glass. I cannot wait to use the 250/4FE recently purchased.

Tell us why this man smiles . He does not really smile . Its a kind of blinksmile or smileblink , as his left eye is open .
Does he blink and smile because auto-bracketing works with the CFV attached ? ? ?

Have you already some experience with the FE 2/110 PLANAR , 203FE mod , and CFV BACK ? ?
Double LOL! Q.G.

"Have you already some experience with the FE 2/110 PLANAR , 203FE mod , and CFV BACK ? "
Yes Jurgen, "Mr. Leaf Head" was shot with the 110/2 ... but it doesn't show the lens' abilities at all. No super shallow DOF, and it was handheld shot made by a man shaking with excitement over getting the camera 10 minutes before : -)

Here's another handheld test shot not worthy of viewing either, but I'll do it just for you : -)

... 110/2FE @ f/2; CFV @ ISO 200, 203FE @ 1/30th shutter (should have jumped the ISO to 400 or used a tripod ... but ... well ... I didn't ... ).


Mr.Leaf , your portrait makes me impatiently waiting for the modification of my 203FE .
I have a very bad conscience here , I have never used my 2/110 FE PLANAR before (It is a virgin) . Please don't blame me for being nasty . But the CFV BACK opened new horizons for me . Such as , colour . In the past , i have only been working in B/W and now , I discover colour .
Jurgen I can't believe your 110mm was still a virgin! Now there are no excuses.

Marc the flowers shot with the 110mm show SUPERB characteristics of both the CFV and the lens even over the web. There is such a 3D look about it and the out of focus is beautiful.

The CFV is looking more and more compelling!
Shows how opinions can vary.

The flower shot does indeed show that it was made by an f/2 110 mm. And though i somehow like this lens too (don't ask me why), i cannot help but notice the typical 110 mm (and in my opinion not-so-beautiful) out of focus bits.

In the upper left hand bit, and in the drooping stalk in the lower right (and in other parts as well), contours fail to just fade away into unsharpness smoothly, but show a tendency to reappear.
Still makes me want to rub my eyes.

No excuse though, Jürgen, not to start using the lens!
Yes, the 110/2 can be quirky ... sometimes the Bokeh is lovely, and at other times not so nice ... ( would this be astigmatism causing the double line effect, or is that the incorrect term?)

But in this case I think it is wind movement of some flowers that is causing the weird effect mentioned Q.G.

Actually, the H/C 100/2.2 has nicer Bokeh.

Are you sure it was the wind?
I recognized it instantly as the way the 110 mm Planar renders things.

Maybe Jürgen should shoot some tests - with lens wide open - and see if he can reproduce the effect using his still unused (
) 110 mm and report back.
Yes Q.G.

I will deflower my FE 110mm lens , as soon as my 203FE is back from modification .
Due to Easter holidays , that will take about three weeks from now . The parts for the modification are reserved for my 203FE . So HASSELBLAD GERMANY just waits for my camera to arrive .


Here an image with 905SWC +CFV . When using the normal SWC finder , it is quite tricky to get the image you want , as there are no marks for the crop factor .
Yeah, but at least you can see what you got on the LCD.

I have one of those "Voit-outlander" : -) finders and will have to craft a mask out of opaque black plastic using an exacto knife.

I do have pop in square masks and need to look at one of those for the focusing screen and Hassey finder to see what can be fashioned for that set up.

I'll goof around with the 110/2 some-more this weekend if I get a chance. But Q.G. is right, you do get that double lined OOF effect with this lens. Still a cool lens, and it focuses amazing close for a 'blad lens.

Jurgen, you'll need a mask for your 203FE finder also.

No need to cut any masks .
I have just finished my "modification" to the SWC viewer . It is so easy and does not take much time . Its valid for viewers of the 903SWC and 905SWC .
Unsrew the baseplate of the viewer . 4 little srews only . Dont worry , no parts or springs will fall out and no readjustment is required .
Use a lintfree or micro fibre cloth and remove the "front glas" . Just pull it out .
A square of 11mm will represent the cropped image . Use a permanent ink marker (0,3mm) and draw that new square on the inside of that little piece of glas (acryl) . Mind to center your new square . Let it dry and clean carefully with the cloth . Reassemble the viewer . No problem at all .

I too have that little VOIGTLAENDER viewer . ( 6x6 version , which was only obtainable from the US ) I do not dare to "open" that viewer , but will shurely find a solution .
I will report .

As for the 203FE , I have 2 screens with the "crop factor" marking . So , one is used with my 503CW and the other one will be used with the 203FE .

I have done some colour printing on an EPSON printer 2000P (not on my EPSON 4800 , as that printer is reserved for matte printing) from images taken with the CFV . 30x30 cm . The images are crisp sharp . Also on sizes up to 50x50 cm .
All I still need for correct colour printing , is a colour management system , like for ex&le macbeth x-rite colour calibration between camera , screen and printer .

So , the fight goes on :)
Hi Marc,

> 110/2 ... you do get that double lined OOF effect > with this lens.

Do you see it on all the pictures you take with the 110/2 wide open?