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Viewfinder magnifier for PME90


Does anyone know whether there it is possible to fit a viewfinder magnifier to a PME90? (I have two different ones for a PME45 and a PME51). If not off-the-shelf, then modified or by an independent.
Judging by the lack of response to this question, I rather think I may have committed (unknowingly)a terrible gaffe - perhaps admitting to owning a PME 90 is rather like asking the National Farmers Union whether there are any members who have carnal desires relating to sheep! I withdraw the question and apologize unreservedly.
The eyepiece of the PME is bigger than that of the PM90, so the thing will not fit.
Neither of the two available eyepiece magnifiers will fit the PME90. You will have to do with the PME90's eyepiece as it is.
Well, not exactly true that you have to go without a magnifier on your PME90.

Among a number of other innovative products, Brightscreen in Cleveland TN, USA makes excellent magnifiers for the Hasselblad (and KIEV) Prism finders (some better built than the OEM IMO ).

ACCURFOCUS Model D5 flip magnifier is made for the PME90/PM45/PME45. It has an adjustable diopter. The D5 is also available for a number of other cameras.

I have one on my PM45 mounted on a 203FE.

You have to tell them which camera and finder, and be patient after ordering.

International phone: (423) 478-1451 ... or Local USA Phone: (800) 235-2451
9AM to 5PM EST, Monday through Thurs.
Marc, Thanks for the information: I didn't even know that Accurfocus existed. I ended up getting one from KEH for a very reasonable 65.00USD, and this makes the PME90 very usable for me. Thanks again!