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One piece of information I discovered at Focus 2008 was that Hasselblad are launching a completely online version of VICTOR at the end of March. Forgive me if this is already common knowledge, but I wasn't aware off it.

Each paper edition will be replicated electronically and it will be free of charge to subscribers. Subscribing is free. Therefore only those wanting a paper copy will be subjected to a charge.

I think this is very positive marketing for Hasselblad and will expose the imaging abilities of its customers and its product line to a wider audience.

I was also told very clearly that PHOCUS will be launched next week, but like all i continue to wait patiently. They put a great deal of emphasis on getting it right first time. That has to be worthy of respect in these days of kick and rush.

One disappointment for me, is that the maximum iso speed upgrade will not be part of the launch and will follow later, maybe in version 1.2. however, that will not take the gloss off PHOCUS as far as I'm concerned.

I never liked the enormous size of VICTOR by HASSELBLAD .:mad:
Turning over pages on a computer is not very good as well .
I would very much like to see VICTOR on paper , but smaller .