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victor magazine



is the newest victor magazine (print version, german language) already available?

have a nice day to everyone,

go to the hasselblad webside.
navigate to victor.
or follow the link:
and subscribe.

The result is:

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No idea what your problem is but I can log in without any difficulty to the internet version of Victor.
Yes Jürgen, even with a machine that is not meant for dummies.
Or should I say because I use a machine not meant for dummies? :z04_hinterherjagen:

Some people will never see , where the real fruit of life is .
Get a MAC and you will be able to relax for the rest of your life and the fruit will drop right into your mouth .:z04_sabber:

My life is quite easy because I use a decent PC.
That machine allows me all sorts of features M .. has not even heard of.

* Easy translation of Swedish, Swahili and many other important languages into English.

* Enlargement of anything I look at by a click of the mouse.

* Sleep function while still alert to snipe eBay items.

Just of few of the indispensable comfort options I enjoy.

But most of all:

If ever I feel the need to have the machine serviced or upgraded my friendly PC shop around the corner is ready to answer any questions or fit upgrades at low cost.

Your friendly M.. dealer ripped you of to upgrade your M.. to accept Phocus software.

A complete PC with all storage, converters and other facilities to run Phocus does not even cost 1/5 of what you contributed to your M.. dealer.
How is that for a change? :z04_pc2: