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Very old 50mm filter &or adapter ring


New Member
Hello all,
I've bought a beautiful old 50mm distagon synchro compur, the silver version.
Does any one know what filters size fit that screw mount ? I have a Cokin P system holder is there a ring adaptor or something ?
Any hints and addresses welcome !

Congratulions, this is fine lens.

Original filters are size VIII.
You put them over the front lens.
They are secured by a special ring that is often missing.
Filters original Hasselblad are Haze, Yellow, Red, Green and Pola.
The Pola is rather scarce. It screws in with its own thread.

Non Hasselblad filters screw in size 67 mm should fit also.
A Pola from Hoya is advertised on Ebay from Hong Kong. 15 $ ??

Check the slow speeds of the shutter.
They tend to become sluggish.
If they are the lens needs to be serviced.

The first real improvement for this wide angle was released by
Carl Zeiss in 1989. It has floating elements to improve picture
quality at close range.
Careful there, the threading of a 'plain' 67mm filter is different from what Hasselblad / Zeiss have used on the C50 lenses. It 'sort of' fits, in the sense you can screw it in a few turns, but it does not _really_ fit. Forcing it will wreck the threading on filter and/or lens.

That said, I am using a plain 67mm low-profile pola on my C50, being careful to only screw it in loosely.

Hi, just to let you know.
I finaly bought a plain 67mm adapter ring, and as recommended by Wilko, by screwing it gently, it kind of fits, at leat it does the job so far.

Hi Marcos,

Good that works for you. It is a bit of a kludge but it does the trick. Unfortunately you cannot mount a lens shade once you have the polfilter installed.

Actualy, what I use is a Cokin ring Adapter, so once I've put the filter support I can mount not only filters, but shades and caps as well...
The original hood was a screw-in type that also acted as a filter retainer. The original filters just dropped in.
Does an series VIII pola filter also fit in the hood? I have not (yet) seen an original pola filter one, but I suspect it will screw into the lens directly, and not via the retaining ring or the hood.

Your right, Wilko.
That's why the solution Marcos came up with is a very good one. Congrats!
Hi To All,

This is the first time I have used this site and some of my questions have already been answered. I have purchased a old Hassy 500c and two lenses. One is a chrome 150mm Sonnar (SN4974121) and a chrome 50mm Distagon (SN4927080). On the later I would like to add a shade but it seems that this can't be done without removing the filter ring and trying to use 67mm filters and a screw in shade. The other thing I would like to add to both the lenses is a focusing aid. Can anybody tell me which one fits these lenses, is it the same one or does it require getting one for each? Can anyone tell me the age of these lenses or where to find that info, I assume they are "C" lenses and not of the *T verity.

Any info will be appreciated, thanks, and it has been fun reading all the Hassy info.

Indeed, on the C50 you remove the filter retaining ring and use a screw-in round shade. That shade doubles as a filter retaining ring, so there is no problem there.

The C150 uses a different quick focusing handle than the C50. So you need one handle of each variant basically :)

The Hasselblad Compendium written by Rick Nordin gives you all sorts of info on lens serial numbers versus year of manufacture. Well recommended reading.