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Venetian Portraits ONE


Bravo pour cette série. C'était à Annecy ?

Well I sold my 60-120mm last year. It was a very good lens very light ( in kg !) but with cfv crop factor and long "minimum" focus distances I was too often in pain. Times to times I think that the crop factor is realy anoying (heavy super wide angle lens -FE 50mm- that become normal lens).
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I still have this lens and as you say that is the heaviest of this medium heavy zoom. I love this lens for it's quality on analog body. All of these shots are hand held. When I bought the camera I had chosen this lens and later on added 150mm Sonar. Two weeks ago I bought my first 80mm standard . So most of my several year's photoes were done on this lens. So I am not going to get rid of this lens yet.




I have this lens also, but it has seen little use, really. I have used it for landscapes on a tripod where the zoom, fitted with Lee filters, provides great flexibility and precise framing.

I'm impressed with your narrow DoF and can only presume you're working wide open ?

Lovely images, ESP the colour faces. Tones are beautiful.


One day, you have to try the FE 110mm/2.0 To use it wide open and to have close pictures. Heavy lens is the 50mm /2.8 (old version)