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various bits !!


New Member
Just come back from a trip to the USA and I couldnt resist checking out the stores that stock hassie spares of course.

anyway - I found a great place called EP Levine in Boston - a real monster of a museum and playground ( ) and I had been tracking their site for a bit and low and behold just one week before departure a x2 Mutar converter cropped up. its beautiful and mine now, and in stunning condition at a snip for just less than £ 280 (no box but they threw in a nice leather case).

Brilliant - I asked the forum a while back about these converters and the mutar won hands down so great result and good fun buying from a trully knowledgeable store.

A couple of questions please folks!!

Do you know of any decent repair places in the UK, I need a replacement flash socket to go on a PME 51 so I need to find the actual spare and someone who knows what to do to fit it !!

In addition I am convinced the meter needs a tune up as its at variance with my trusty Weston - it`s probably not a diy job?

All help and comments trully welcome and again thanks for the feedback on the converter a while back !

The royal treatment is Hasselblad UK, at a price of course.

A well known independant with lots of spares and many years Hasselblad experience:
JD Camtech, 37 Cremer street London