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V lens Compatibility with H system

I realize that we lose a bunch of electronic functions when adapting a V lens to an H body, but I'm curious about what remains that we can do? Can we still use Aperture Priority? Can we place (and use) a CF digital back on the camera with a V lens attached (since there's no longer any electronic communication between lens and back)?
Michael H. Cothran
You don't lose much with the CF Adapter on the H cameras, and actually gain an couple of important features.

Aperture Priority is a Yes.

There is communication between the lens and back if the lens is a CFE. If it is a C, CF, or CFi lens you tell the camera what lens it is via the grip menu of the H camera. This also separately allows indicating the use of Extenders.

In addition you have TTL flash with any Metz flash using the Metz H TTL module

What you do gain over the mechanical V cameras is focus confirmation in the viewfinder when manually fousing Zeiss lenses or H/C lenses.

Plus in-viewfinder selection of the metering area. Spot, center weighted, or averaging.
Thanks Marc, that's actually more than I expected. I hesitate in writing, because I don't know exactly where I'm going from here. I've owned V equipment since 1972 (all CF lenses to day). While I've been shooting 35mm digital since 2001, I'd like to make the transition to medium format digital. My preference would be square, but as your CFV 1.5 post indicates, there are too many negative concerns with owning the CFV back. But if I could swing an H2 body, and maybe the 22mp back, and make use of my current CF lenses, I'd be a little ahead of the game for a while, even though I'd have to shoot rectangle.
My concerns and issues would all go away if there were a larger square format back available for the 500 series bodies - larger in image size and file size. I don't even care if it's not a full size, but something better than a 1.5 lens factor (even 1.1 or 1.2 would make wide angle shooting a little easier. And a 22 mp square back would be all the resolution I need. I print with an Epson 7600, so the largest square I can produce is 24x24". And as long as I can tweek out 180 ppi @ 24x24 with no res&ling, I'm a happy c&er.
BTW - the current 16mp back yields only 170 ppi @ 24x24 - and that's using 100% of the image area, leaving no room for even a slight crop.
Michael H. Cothran