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UV Sonnar 43105mm


New Member
I found a MINT UV Sonnar 105mm with UG11 filter (last series of 25 ever made) and wondered who ever used that one either for UV or IR photography.

Any comments welcome!


Not me...
Considering the extraordinary (even for people used to Hasselblad pricing) amount of money you had to pay for this lens, and the limited number of applications that could justify the expense, i'd say very few people have ever used this lens.

If you get tired with the lens, send it my way...
Thanks for the congrats! Yes it is an expensive lens but is you would like to perform serious UV photography there are not much options, especially if you would like to go beyond the 350nm limitation normal lens glass has. Only quartz lenses allow that but very few of those are corrected so there is no focus difference - and the UV Sonnar is one of the few.


In case someone needs that ultra rare Schott UG11 filter for that lens (to allow UV photography), I got a second one.

Dr.. Klaus,
I would love to see the s&le image from this lens.