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Using exposure metering without E lens


With the 203 FE, is it possible to utilize the meter of the camera, when not using a lens with databus. I mean, just for calculating the appropriate exposure, like a normal light meter or prism finder?

If yes: how does this function?

Yes it's possible. I even use a 202FA witch is worse.
It's not like a PME prisme. You cann use in automatic with diaph closed. Or you close diaph, put D mode then the speed is selected. SO you cann open the diaph and shot. If the light change you have to do it again.
The French explanation in the link above contains several mistakes:
"C" type lenses are not thirty years old but fifty years old.
It is not possible to use "C" type lenses with the 202FA body.

Due to timing problems the B mode on C lenses is not an option to use these lenses with a 202FA body.
The C lenses arrive 50 years ago. The CF lenses arrive in the 1987 years (It's about the years I first saw but I have to veryfy). So thirty years for the used lenses for sale is an average.

I use my C-80mm in B mode with my 202FA with succes at any speed. If you use the speed of a C-lens with the B mode on 202FA you need to use ... the 10 seconds delay that exist on C-lens and wait more than 10 secondes. It's not an option I agree !