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Users Manual for 500cm Get it here

Hello there,
I have just bought (on eBay) a very well preserved 500 C/M.
It is almost unmarked and looks brand new, as promised, apart from the terrible fact that I found a rather serious (0.5 by 0.5 cm) surface mark on the mirror. It is surely not a fingerprint.
I dare not try to remove it because I know cleaning the mirror even with the utmost care can make things even worse.
Could you Hassy-experts out there please provide me any sort of wisdom that may work?
In the worst case, is it relatively easily to replace the mirror?
And alas, what can be the costs?
Thank you very much,

I have PDF (Adobe Acrobat) version of the 500CM manual sitting on my disk. I have put a copy of it at

As for the mirror: don't figgle around with it. A Hassi repair person explained to me that the mirror is mounted in a flexible way using some rubber parts on the hinged plate. He explained it is not something you want to replace yourself, experience with it is needed to do it without damaging things.
Thank you very much, Wilko, I won`t even touch it. It is just that I am a perfectionist and since I have to wait until Monday I am now trying to face the grim future. What if the mirror needs to be replaced? Does one have to take the whole body apart? How much a new mirror can cost? Is it available online?
I do not know what it will cost. As far as I understood there is no need to disassemble the body, the mirror can apparantly be swapped/refitted via the lens opening of the body. The rubber foam that holds the actual glass mirror degrades over time and needs replacing ever so often. My impression it is more a matter of experience and dexterity to do this. I, for one, will not try this myself. I did my own maintenance on the film magazines, that is something I trust myself with ;)