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Urgent Advice needed.


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Urgent Advice needed.+++ UPDATE+++

Hi Everyone,
I am in need of advice. I have a advertising job on next week and about to invest on a secondhand MFD system. I have 2 options...

1) I have just bid and won on a Hasselblad h2 with a phase one p20 back with a 50-110 lens and films back for £5000. The seller have just pulled the sale as he said that the buy it now price was listed wrongly. He than call me back and say he will sell it to me for the amount that i bid.

2) Buy a secondhand Hasselblad H2D22 Camera c/w 22mp Digital Back
£5745 from and i have a 50-110 lens for £2000

the difference is £2745.

Most of the stuff i do is still life and studio work. A bit of advice please.

Sorry for the long post.
Thank you.
Both cameras will do the job that is not what surprises me.
That is the choice of a zoom lens for still life and studio work.

Maybe look at other lenses like a 50 and the 100 or the 120 Macro.
If your budget is limited lens rental can be a solution to cross the gap.

BTW the post is certainly not that long of you are about to spend that kind of money!

H2 & Zoom lens

FYI, the HC 50-110 zoom is a fantastic performer and the choice of many pros I know who shoot with H digital cameras. The 50mm end of the zoom is widely reported to out-perform the HC 50mm prime.

The H2 is a better choice of camera, and highly prized as being the last H camera that not only takes film backs like the H1 and H2F, but also digital backs from other manufacturers ... which the new H2F does not.
Thank you all for you comments,
I have picked up a h2 with a 22m back from the pro centre and a 50-110 lens. The back have only done 325 shots. Am very happy with it.


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