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Ups! First jam. Help.


Okay so now my body is jammed for the first time.

I put on my 56E extension tube, then my 80mm CFE. I pointed the camera and shot. The shutter fired, but the barn doors stayed open. I cannot wind the camera or removed the lens. The barn doors are still stuck.

Can I solve this by myself? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!


With open barn doors you will find bottom center in the camera a little screw that can be turned clockwise with a suitable screw driver.
Try to turn this screw, only clock wise, and push the lens release at the same time.
If all goes well you will be able to remove the lens/extension combo.
This looks like a three hand job, which it is, but it can be done.
It may help to put the camera on a tripod.

Do not use force! That may cause damage to the camera body.
Once the lens and ring are off the body will be free.

If the ring/lens combo comes off in released condition use a small coin to
cock the ring and take the lens of.

Check the extension ring.
The shaft is spring loaded. A cocked extension ring can be released and should turn freely.

The safest way to turn the screw is with a special tool available at ebay for around 15 euro. (ebay 220 370 383 430)
That tool is basically a screwdriver with a collar to prevent slipping of the little screw with possible damage to the rear of the lens.
The other side of this tool can be used to cock lenses safely.

Pleases note:
Hasselblad cameras are quite free from problems.
The use of rings and bellows may introduce problems especially if the extensions are not in good condition.

As a reminder, always check that the camera is cocked, and that both the extension tube and lens to be used are cocked before proceeding. No matter how much of a hurry you may be, ALWAYS do this.

When mounting the tube and lens, mount the tube first and then the lens ... when removing them do the opposite and remove the lens first then the tube. Even then, I double check that the lens or tube have not sprung, and re-cock them before putting them away.

This is assuming that the gear is in good working order.

Sometimes we get in a big hurry and make mistakes ... but a jammed camera will slow down that frenzy faster than anything.

In 40 years of Hasselblad V use, I've never had a jammed camera (he says with fingers crossed : -)