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Turning black into chrome


I have heard that you can turn black items into chrome ones by scrapping off or dissolving the black paint.

Is this truly possible? Which is the best way?
Roger Hayman

PS I am not sure which forum I should post this question in.

The notes to the Photo-Technical forum say do not post repair items there but use the separate repair forum for your camera. Where is that for Hasselblad cameras???

I suggest we need a new forum for repair issues and another new forum for issues which relate to all Hasselblad equipment, rather than specific models.

I also could not find an email address for the administrator. Is there one?
I doubt it. Paint does not stick to chrome worth a darn. All of my cheaper Nikon SLRs from the 70's have lost the painted letters NIKON because the paint fell off. A fellow in Japan paints vintage rangefinders for $600+ per camera, and he has to dissolve all of the chrome off down to the bare brass before he can paint it.
I think if you dissolve off the black paint, you will either find alloy or brass.