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Tripod Socket


New Member
Where exactly is the tripod socket on the xpanii? In reviews of the camera, users have complained about its position. No local camera stores stock the xpanii, so I have been unable to handle one. I would welcome comments about use of xpanii with both conventional tripods and monopods--balance issues, etc. Thanks. BW


See the photo for socket location.

I've haven't tried using my camera on a tripod yet (only had it for a few days), so maybe someone else will provide insight as to it's handling. I can say that I'm very pleased with the camera overall - it is extemely well made, and seems very solid in every way. I would imagine the socket's off-center location takes a little getting used to, but wouldn't pose any real difficulties. I'd say that Hasselblad has built a nicely engineered camera worthy of their reputation, and would recommend it highly to anyone seeking a precise, easy to carry, panoramic-format system.

Good luck with your decision,

Wow. Thanks for the picture. The off-center location would not pose a problem with a tripod. I would simply have to try it with a monopod. I located a camera store in Denver that stocks the xpan, so will check it out on my next visit. Thanks again. BW