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Tripod Eh


New Member

i was looking at tripods the other day, as i need to get one fairly soon. When playing around with my hassy the other day tho- i noticed that its got a different sized thread. Its bigger than my nikons, or my tripod for that matter.

Do i need to get a plate that slots over the two rail tings on the bottom, or it there an adapter- im wanting to mount it to some sort of manfrotto head, not sure which one yet. If so- any idea where abouts in britain i can get one?(and yes i know there are some lovely arca swiss thingies- but they are way out of my price range right now).


You can get a 3/8" to 1/4" adapter to allow you to screw the 1/4" inch bolt into the 3/8" hole of your Hasselblad. It is like a hollow little pug with a 3/8" male thread on the outside and a 1/4" female thread on the inside. I found some on Ebay, but I would think a photo supply shop should stock these.

Some Hasselblad models have both holes (3/8" & 1/4").

Adam, just get a Hasselblad quick release plate - your camera body will slide neatly onto it. Screw the plate to the tripod head. So you end up with a tripod with a screw on its top; add a nice head you like to the tripod; then you have a screw at the top of the head. But don't just screw the camera body onto the head; fit a Hassy QRP (inexpensive and very convenient to fit and remove the camera) to the head and leave it there.

The current Hassy QRP versions have a spirit level built into the side of the QRP so you can get an accurate level (bearing in mind that spirit levels built into the head or tripod can give you a "mis-reading" since the plate above the head or the head above the tripod may not necessarily be level). Or, just get a basic Hassy QRP and find (cheap) a Hassy accessory spirit level that fit to the side accessory slot on the Hassy camera body.

I how have Hasselblad QRPs fitted to my 3 tripods and my non Hassy gear have accessory Hassy shoes (like you see on the base of your camera) screwed onto them - one system that is neat and easy to use as well as robust.
Adam, Both Rowi and Hama make these adaptors.
They shouldn't cost you more than a couple of pounds.
Hi All. For something a little different, I switched the plate on the bottom of my 501CM. I looked into the Hasselblad Quick Release adapter, but with two 4x5's, a DSLR, a 35mm and a TLR, I did not want to have all my cameras conform to the non-universal Hasselblad QR system. I did not like the idea of attaching a second QR plate to the bottom of my 501CM since it already has a Hasselblad quick release built in, so I bought a replacement plate from Markins I removed the Hasselblad plate and screwed in the new one. Now my 501CM can fit any Arca Swiss QR system. I got a head from Markins and bought plates for my other cameras. The system works nicely on my Gitzo Explorer. Anyway, it is more expensive, but for me it made sense to move my gear to a universal QR system. Hope this is helpful. David