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Travelling with my H1


This message was sent to me from a source I consider reliable. Tried to post this several days ago. Again:

"My wife, flew today (4-28-04) from Anchorage to
Nashville. Going through security she identified herself as a professional
photographer and politely requested a hand inspection of her medium format
camera and forty plus rolls of 120 format film. She stopped the inspection
when she saw the TSA employee ripping open her foil-sealed rolls of Fujifilm
prior to wanding them for trace chemical sniffing. She was told that this
was now standard operating procedure as per a new bulky TSA manual that was
just delivered yesterday to Anchorage International Airport. The inspector
stated that all film that was not 35mm in see-through plastic containers had
to be opened. She explained that the manufacturer's foil packaging
protecting the individual rolls keeps the film clean, light tight and dry
over a long trip. By working through TSA supervisors and having a full hour
and a half prior to her flight leaving, she was able to convince them to let
her through without opening each roll of film.

For those of us with travel and assignments that require us to shoot medium
and large format film, this sounds like a real problem flying with your
film. I shoot mostly 4x5 and TSA inspectors opening sealed boxes of 4x5
inch sheet film will ruin the film through fogging. Up until now, the
inspectors have been content with wand sniffing the outside my light tight
film boxes and sheet film holders, but it sounds like this policy has
X-ray damage is cumulative. Good luck and smooth talking.
I too use the H1 when I travel, but I have learned the hard way that flying is not film friendly. I now purchase my film after I arrive at my destination or ship it to my address and I always ship it back Fedex or UPS marked Film--do not x-ray.
I travel a lot, carry hundreds of rolls with me usually. I always have all the film stripped clean, 120 rolls, and put them in a clear ziplock bag. This is the fastest way for them to check the film.
Why would you need the foil around it???
Anyway, I also have rolls that I didn't care about having hand checked (up to 3200 asa) and never had a problem with it. Even when x-rayed several times.
When I am using film for a job I am very careful though, production costs of over 100.000 are worth taking no risks....


Btw, answering the question if the Hasselblad H1 performs for pro's, yup, it certainly does. Its a Hasselblad for gods sake...

I did travel a lot with many films. I always carried films as hand luggage and some of them got x-ray cheched many times due to multiple flights trips. I never had any problem with the films.
I once tried the lead x-ray proof pouch still carried as a hand luggage. It read as a large white spot on the security control screen and drove the security staff utterly mad... I had to open the pouch and every thing I carried. I never used it again.