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Tilt-Shift lenses for H series


Do you know if something like (or better) Canon TSE (Tilt-Shift) 24mm or 35mm exists for Hasselbad H3D II ?
for landscape and architecture photography (no pack shot)

thank you
There is no T/S H/C lens currently available from Hasselblad. Speculation has it that one is in development. Currently the widest H/C lens is 28/4, and benefits from DAC corrections in Flexcolor ... plus perspective and distortion corrections can further be applied in PSCS2 & 3.

Many photographers use the 39 meg Hasselblad back from the H3D (or any other brand like Phase One or Leaf Aptus ) on a 6X9 view camera.

I personally use a Rollei Xact 6X9 with a super-wide Rodenstock 28/2.8 Digital lens for wide angle architectural work. The back mounts on the view camera by means of a sliding adapter from the Kapture Group that has the back's capture area custom etched on the ground glass. Kapture Group also offers dual and quad capture sliding adapters to allow for panoramic image stitching facilitated by Adobe's new HD layering and stiching features in PSCS3 :
>[I am selling my Rollei X- Act 2 with a sliding adapter for the H >mount including all my lenses. So if you like please email me >markay at stanford dot edu]
Hi Rufus,

I hope its ok for me to say this here...

You could have a look over on the luminous lansdscape forum in the medium format digital backs section.
there is a huge amount of infomation over there.

I have to answer to 3 Marc !!!

thanks marc wilson , I am a user there too :)

Marc Williams I keep this link in my favorites thank you

mark kay actually I have no medium format camera at all, but I must buy one next year (january or february), and for the moment I dont knoe if a H3D II is a good way to go or P45+