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Things that make you go "hmmm"

Both stories sure do not make happy campers.
Although an image is more powerfull than a thousand words some things can not be recorded on film or any other medium for that matter.

The episode in the train shows the things we are used to and drag along without thinking twice are becoming obsolete faster than any of us realises.
How long ago was it you saw a man or woman with a black cloth over his or her head behind an 8 x10 inch camera to take a picture?

The world is changing faster than most of us realise.
With all this gloom it is good to remember there is plenty of film in the fridge and even more with the suppliers.
At least for some time to come...

It is an appalling state of affairs when the world's most powerful nation is now holding itself to ransom. While few of us can appreciate the horrors of 9/11, leaders' responsibilities should include working hard to avoid fear becoming a social and nation-wide cancer.

Such stories remind me of how lucky I am to live in Australia.

The worlds most powerfull nation will be owned by the Chinese people in a little while.
The way they are putting themselves in dept that is already covered for a large part by the Chinese is alarming.
It seems everybody knows it except those who are concerned most.