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The Hasselblad Manual, 7th Edition


I just received my copy of the hasselblad manual from Amazon, which I have been recommended so many times. I had wanted to buy this for a while, so I put in a pre-order for 7th edition some months ago. Seems like a very good book to have. I've loved reading it so far. Anyway, I just wanted to let people know that the new edition is out there and definitely worth a read.

Thanks for reporting the "new" Wildi is available.

Rick Nordin is working hard to give us a new compendium with lots of extra information about Hasselblad.
The new Compendium will also contain Xpan and H series cameras.
Enough time to start saving as the Compendium will take some time before it is available.
In the meantime the current compendium is a must for anyone who needs a reference for the Hasselblad V system.
It would be interesting to hear if this new edition belongs more to the H- or the V-section of this forum.


I had a look at the Amazon pages , where you can see the table of contents pages . As far as I can see , V-System and H-System are equally treated.

I have ordered that book at my local dealer .

Thank you Marcus for giving that hint .

Regards Jürgen
Thanks for the news on the new edition. I have Wildi's 6th edition. It includes the V series, the Xpan and the H1.
Could you tell me which camera (systems) are covered in addition to this? Is it worthwile to "upgrade"? Thanks
As far as I can tell, all V system, Xpan and up to H3DII cameras are in here. Flexbody and Arcbody as well, although I suspect they were in the earlier ones as well.