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The essential Lenses Opinions


New Member
I recently purchased a 501CM with a metered 45 Prism and the standard 80mm 2.8.

Do you have an opinion of the best combo of lenses to get if you only want 3-4.

I already have a lot of Leica and Nikon lenses and this is mosly for an intro to Medium format. Mostly family pictures.
As you have the CM you could buy a secondhand 1.4 tele-convertor, this is a very good way to get a 120mm lens. The quality difference does exist in compared to 120 prime, best bet you will not be able to see the difference.

For the wide angle 40 or 50 will be best bet, depends on how big you want the scene to be, you will have to be lucky to get these secondhand.

Try going to :

This zeiss site has "lens comparaison" for 6x6 format, best way to compare the 40 with 50 I feel. You can also see the 120 here.

I have the 203 fe, 80mm 2.8, 40 CFe, 150 F.

Good luck.

I'm a user a Hasselblad 501Cm. Lenses: Distagon 50/4, Planar 80/2.8, Sonnar 250/5.6, teleconvertor 1.4. Works perfectly together...
Dear Robak,
how old is Your 50 Distagon? Doies it already have IF?

How are Your experiences with this lens?

I have had a 50mm FE lens for use on both a 203 and 205 hasselblad since 2000. I consider the 50 mm a must have lens. If you can use only one lens this is it. Tack sharp corner to corner, color saturation is perfect. Try with Kodak Provera 160 NC or VC. Image taken Holiday Season 2000 with 50 FE at Disneyland in Florida.

Thinking of the essential lens kit?; 38mm/4.5 Biogon or 40/4 Distagon, with Planar 80/2.8 and one of the following:
150 mm
180 mm.
I'm a user of Hasselblad. I have the following cameras & lenses:
50/4 Distagon
80/2.8 Planer
180/4 Sonnar.
I'm concentrating mainly on quality landscapes.