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Thank you & Happy New Year


New Member
This forum has been a bit slow lately so I thought I would take the opportunity to thank all of you who have contributed this past year. I look forward to reading your posts, the exchanges here are friendly which makes for a more enjoyable read. Although I've not been much of a participant here I read all the 'blad postings.

Being seriously ill I no longer am able to do much photography. You help in that it enables me to live/photograph somewhat vicariously through your experiences.

To keep this on topic...
, I use mainly a 503 and sometimes the 501. I am going to try doing flowers, in a very basic makeshifht basement 'studio', using primarily b&w film which I will scan using my new Nikon 9000. This will also provide a good opportunity to use the 120cfi which is almost totally unused at this point. I have always enjoyed flowers but have not done much photo work with them.

My wife agreed to allow the purchase of several items in the hope it would give incentive to help keep me alive. I hope to be able to share some of these with you.

I had been processing all b&w the old slow way but now need to acquire a film washer. It is just to difficult to do the constant wash in the small tanks. Also needed will be a large tank capable of holding 4 reels of 120/220. If anyone has the above available for sale please let me know.

Again thanks for the enjoyment. Looking forward to the new year.

Happy New Year!

> Look in some chemical catalogs for a pipette washer. Usually they > are 2-3 ft tall, and large enough in diameter to hold 6-12 glass > chemical pipettes. They essentially resemble a 6 in diameter > plastic pipe with a weighted base.

> They are designed to fill up to a point, then automatically drain. > The cycle repeats as often as you run water into them. You can run > an inverted "T" wire through the film tank inserts, and use that to > pull them out when desired.
> With regards to the pipette washer suggestion for a film washer, > commercial systems can vary from $100 to several thousand (you can > get them from simple fill/drain, to ones with ultrasonic cleaning, > sterilization, etc). Obviously you do not need all that is > available. However, there are several plans available for a DIY > washer for high school/small colleges that I am sure you could > adapt. and they are CHEAP. Try looking via Google, and seeing if > the local library could get you a copy of the articles describing > their construction. Some are mentioned at cmd=Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_uids=14784649&dopt=Abstract

> Some of the plans go back 50+ yrs so I doubt they are on-line. You > probably need to get them requested and/or xeroxed via the local > library.