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Testing 105 UV lens with digital back


New Member

what would be the best body option for a digital back esp. for doing macro.


How much budget do you have? And what is your application need?

The best value right now is a 503CW body which is free with an Imacon iXpress 96C digital back. Total price for both is less than $10,000. total brand new from Hasselblad. Add a 120/4 CF Makro and a couple of extension tubes, and you are in business. All C, CF and CFi/CFE lenses work with this kit. The iXpress 96C is a tethered back using the Imacon Image Bank to store captured images.

If you're going for serious long term shooting and want a totally portable system with the ability to shoot un-tethered straight to a CF memory card, then the much more expensive H2D/CFH 645 kit is available.

would there be also an alternative if I want sth used? I'm testing some amateurish setup, not Pro!
(to be precise I would like to test my UV Sonnar with a digiback).

Thanks, Klaus
For just a test I would look to renting a camera and back, or talk to a re-seller about testing a camera and back using your lens prior to buying. The place where I bought my digital back did a demonstration of different backs before I made my purchase.

The iXpress 96C can sometimes be purchased used and is a back that fits most V series Hasselblads right out of the box.

I may have one for sale in the next week or so, depending on wether I decide to secure a second 39 meg CFH to accompany my 22 meg H2D/CFH. It'd probably be around $5,800. USD.

IMO, your UV Sonnar needs a large meg digital back to see all it is capable of. The smaller iXpress 96C is 16 meg, and while excellent, may not provide the resolution you can get from the newer 22 and 39 meg backs or film.

Perhaps a better solution would be to secure a high resolution Imacon scanner and shoot film?
Thanks Marc,

I also thought about this since I do have some high resolutions lenses capable of more than 400lpm and would like to test them. Not sure ANY digiback would come close to that, though. Film + scanner may be the only solution to that - indeed!

Thanks, klaus
Are there any hi-res films left out there? Tech Pan has been discontinued? Any others still available in 120/220?


I would say that the 503CW with the option of upgrading to a macro flash and SCA module for TTL flash would be one way to go. The higher the resolution, the shorter you want to keep your exposures, as then any source of movement/vibration compromises the increased resolution.

I would love to test your UV Sonnar for you, but I may forget to return it, so it's best not to sent it my way without a deposit.
Actually, I would have liked to try a UV Sonnar out with various filters for astrophotography on hypered Tech Pan, but I think that is just a pipe dream at this point

Hi Taras,

I don't mind iy you would like to test the UV Sonnar and a $15k would just do as a collateral...grin.

Doing multispectral analysis is actually what I am interested in plus comparing it with the Ultra Achromatic Takumar 85mm and300mm, the Quartz Takumar 85mm and the Zeiss UV Planar I have here plus quite a lot of scientific filters.

The 503CW was also on my mind since I guess you're right about vibration problems. I do also have the SB-140 Nikon flash for UV, VIs and IR so I would like to use this one too.