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Is anyone using a technical camera here ? ? ?
Like ARCA SWISS , ALPA , CAMBO or others ? ? ?

Here is a series of ALPA images . ASPHALT WORKS . My blue series .
ALPA 12 TC + HRDIGARON-s 4,5/28mm + HB CFV50

ALPA.HEBEL_4137.VIGN.40,4x51,7.PP.jpg ALPA.HEBEL_4153.40x50.VIGN.H+25.BLUE.CAST.+8.tiff.40,4x51,7.PP.jpg ALPA.HEBEL_4158.VIGN.40,4x51,7.PP.jpg ALPA.HEBEL_4194.VIGN.40,4x51,7.PP.jpg

Regards . Jürgen . jotloob .


Jurgen I love your blue series images! I sure wish I had a technical camera and digital back to go with it, but unfortunately I do not .

I look forward to seeing more of yours and other technical camera images shared here.



Thank you Gary . I have fallen in love with industrial architecture . As I live in the far south of Germany , a part of Germany with very little industry , I can only find gravel pits
(very many) , concrete mixing plants and asphalt works . I some locations , you are not allowed to shoot , even if you show your images you have already taken in other places . No chance . But at the location you see in the blue serie , I was welcome . They even offered me to stay longer than their opening time . Then there is no traffic , which produces an extreme amount of fine dust .
I will prepare other ALPA images for upload .
Regards . Jürgen .


Dirk . Thanks for that link . I am sure , there are many interesting places around Dortmund , Duisburg Essen and other cities in the "Ruhrgebiet" .
They are all too far away for me . I don't like to travel that far anymore .
I usually visit an interesting location a couple of times . We all know the "hunting" for good light or weather and therefore I prefer places within a daytrip .


Taken with ALPA 12 STC + HRDIGARON 40mm + CFV50 . Vertical shift .
This image gave me the initial idea for my series : CONCRETE , GRAVEL , ASPHALT .


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Hi Gary

Shooting with an ALPA ( or other technical camera ) is a bit like shooting with a 4x5 inch camera .
It is a shooting technic "back to the roots" .
And of course , you make the same mistakes , as you did with a 4x5 camera . Haha .

But it is a challenge , a lovely challenge over and over again . Including LCC . I just love it .
For most of my ALPA images , i use a tripod . But the images from the blue serie were all shot hand held .
As the image circle of the HRDIGARON 28mm is too small for shift operation , I used the ALPA 12 TC . (very much like a HB SWC)
I also shot this brewery house with the HB 905SWC + CFV50 .

The same is valid for the following image . An old brewery house , integrated in modern city architecture .


Handheld tilt of the camera . The transform function of PSCC brought the verticals back .


4306 SHADOW.jpg

4275 SHADOW.jpg

4296 SHADOW.jpg

4304 SHADOW.jpg

This is my second blue series taken with ALPA 12 PLUS and HRDIGARON 4,5/40mm .
It is great fun to see these images as large prints on a wall .

In comparison to my first blue series , I have reduced the magenta part in the sky .
I hope you like what you see .


Hi Jürgen,

I like the images of the second series better. I can not say exactly why. They have mor 3-D feeling. Maybe because the sand/stones are in the front. Difficult to say.

I am wondering whether I should install another different forum template with dark background to make the images "pop-out" more.


Hello Dirk .
I understand . For the first series , the focus is on the asphalt plant and machinery . In the second series , the focus more on the mankind created "landscape" around the machinery . That "landscape" changes every day . That is very exciting and requires , that you visit the location perhaps several times . Best time is on a Saturday or Sunday anyway .


While still being in a kind of lock down , I discovered some images taken about ten years ago . Forgotten files .
ALPA 12 STC + HB CFV39 + HRDIGARONs 28mm .


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ALPA SWA + HR DIGARON W 4,5/40mm + CFV50 .

I don't dare to travel a lot during this corona pandemic times . So I was searching for some images I took some time ago and which I never posted before .
Here is one of them . A typical square format image . About 8mm vertical shift .