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Switching from 35mm to H1


New Member
Second views,

Been to a show here in Paris devoted to medium format ! All make were there, contax, mamiya, pentax, fuji....and hasselblad. Has the time to fool around with the H1, just great the focus is so fast the viewfinder 100% and very very bright. The whole thing is that the H1 is not "aimed" for same use as he v models, more versus the 35mm world with the upsides (format) and downsides, size if you compare it to a nikon f100 or the likes of. I am thinking about trading in my Nikon to get the H1.

I will have to live with fewer lens (nikon system is 20, 50, 85 and 80/200) and hope to build with h1, 50, 80 and 150.

Any advise ?

If you can afford it, go for it. I would love to have a H1 and would happily trade my F100 for it. Just too expensive for me. I would even trade in my 503CW and 500C/M if I could get a reasonable price for them. I'm still looking for a comprehensive review of the lensses though.
I just did it this month. Traded my f5 for an H1. So far so good, my first big shoot is coming up in October. The camera handles wonderfully and the photos are so sharp!