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SWCM focus screen adapter on 500C


New Member
I read in an earlier post regarding checking lens alignment that one of the SWC/M focus screen adapters also work on 500 series cameras. I have a question regarding that. I have seen a few of these adapters on Ebay, but wanted to know if my 500 C/m WLF would fit onto the adaptor screen? It looks like it might being that some of the adapters have what looks like identical fittings as on the top of a 500c/m body to fit one, but just wanted to confirm. IF not, do I need specific viewfinder parts for this?

I like the idea of being able to check critical focus through the lens without having to use the WLF, or purchase a lot more expensive finder. Any thoughts?

In general , there are two types of screen adapters availble .
For SWC and for 500/200 type cameras including ARCBODY and FLEXBODY .
There are two types of SWC adapters (41025 , old type) and (41050 , new type) .
And then , there is (41057) for 500/200 cameras and ARCBODY + FLEXBODY .
You can use any viewer with these adapters .
You will not be happy to use a (41057) on any SWC and also not using an SWC adapter on a 500/200 V-SYSTEM camera and ARC/FLEX body .

So you should determine for what type of camera you want to use an adapter and then go out and check , before buying .

You can also use any focussing screen adapter on any camera.
Focussing will be o.k. no matter what combination.
The differences between the types (apart from the very fisrt not having an Acute Matte screen) are in the focal length of the (extra) Fresnel lens, i.e. the eveness of illumination with different lenses.

But, Andrew, you can use the 500-series camera's 'regular' finder to check critical focus.
And if you suspect a problem with the camera (why you might want to double check), just have it seen to.
If you also want to use the focusing screen adapter for checking the alignment of your camera it might make sense to buy a version with split image.