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SWC urgent problem


I'm standing here in the middle of wonderful Berlin and my 905SWC, the only camera I brought, is not functioning. The shutter is closed and the winder seems normal, like the camera is wound. However, the release button is just squishy as if the dark slide was still in place. I tried removing the back but this doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions? Thanks.

The only thing I could think of , is , remove the back and try to release the shutter using a cable release . If you have one . Do this when your camera is mounted on a tripod , just to be on the save side .

Good luck . Jürgen .

There is a little lever at the release button .
In which position is that lever ? ? ?
I have just tried out with my 905SWC . That lever should be in 0 (left) position . If you are in T position (right) you will not be able to operate the winding crank nor will you be able to release the shutter . In this case , the shutter is already released . Please check that .
Yes I tried it on both positions. The T should lock the shutter for long exposures without cable release. However, now the shutter button is just stuck in the low position. Nice.......:(

If that little lever is in the T position and you press the release button , the button will stay in the pressed position . If you now move the lever slowly towards the 0 position , the button should flip up again . That is , how it should work and works on my 905SWC . Then you should be able to wind the crank .
I don't know the mechanics inside the release button , so I am sorry , I can not recommend anything else .
Have you tried a soft knocking with your fingernail to the side of the release button when that little lever is back to the 0 position ? ? ?

The forum has an excellent camera service available for members.
Only problem no service on location.

Contact me pm if the problem persists.

No good technicians in my book for Berlin.
Of course there are some but not yet recorded.

While shooting in Paris Metro I had a small problem. That could be solved by loaning a bod from a shop while my camera was repaired.