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Sunny f/16 and other methodes


New Member

Since I decided to pick up analog photography again, I did some research on the sunny f/16 rule and existing-light photography. I have a few questions if you don't mind:

1.) This thread: talks about the exposure guide on the back of a Rolleiflex (2.8 D if I'm not mistaken). Beside the 1 stop difference (due to changed filmspeeds?) is this table still right? (as in the adjustments for length of shade etc.)

I found the manual where the table is explained here:

2.) There is a table in Kodak's Existing-Light Photography book (1996 edition) that gives settings for a lot of situations. On Kodak's website the table is reproduced, but there are some differences. Is this a mistake or has Kodak updated the table (due to feedback?)

3.) Any good tips for me to use when starting to photograph without metering the light?

Thank you,