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Straps for Hassy Vbs


I am looking for a strap for my Hassy 500CX.

Should I get a neck strap? What I have been able to find have very thing straps? Sources?

Would it be better to have a wrist strap to keep to Hassy secure when it slips from my hand? Sources?

Does anyone know where I can get the attachment pieces for the strap so that I could make my own? Again sources?

Interested readers want to know.
I have both kinds of straps. I have found that my 503cw with a winder, prism and any lens other than the 80mm is too heavy for a neck strap. At the present time I use a wrist strap for safety and use a Lowepro top loading case for hands free carry.

Hi Steve,

I went from the old very narrow leather strap (too narrow, cuts of your head ;-) to the widest model (approx 4 centimeters). The latter cuts of your head in a different fashion :-( It does, however, allow heavy cameras (in my case a 500CM or ELM with 45 prism plus C50) to be carried on your *shoulder* quite nicely.

I now have the 'standard' nekstrap with the rubber strands woven into the nylon fabric. This is the best one, it does not ruin your nek and, by virtue of the rubber strands, also does not slip from your shoulder.

Yes, get a neck strap. Of course it is not for general carrying around by your neck - it is there as a safety tool - the weight and bulk of any Hassy 6x6 with any lens and a film back is just too great to generally carry around the neck freestyle.

Like Wilko says the factory modern straps with woven in rubber are very good - they have offered them in about 3 widths from about 1 inch to 2.5 inches or so. I bought mine in new condition from KEH (very good web retailer that guarantee satisfaction) for very little money.

You could always buy a very old leatherette version cheap and cannibalise it to use the proprietary fasteners on something you make up.

I have also got a wonderful after-market strap which has 6 inch wide stretch material around the neck which tapers down to a normal strap where it meets the body fasteners - it came with a used body I bought and is great. It was made by one of those USA accessory makers but I have never seen one for sale.

I suggest you start by looking at KEH's accessory list - you can really get lucky with all sorts of odds and ends. I once found Linhof 4x5 camera infinity stops and enamel badges for the lenses and lens boards I added to my kit when everyone said they can only be got from the factory at a huge price.
I have the "new" wide neck strap and it is very good. That being said, 503cw+winder+prism+180mm+CFV is a lot of weight and bulk to hang on the neck strap or to continue to hand carry. When hiking, I use a monopod and carry the Hassy in the top loading Lowepro like a gun in a holster.
I also agree about KEH. I have purchased many thousands of $ used equipment from them. Very good selection and never a problem.