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Standard lens required


Hi Everyone,
I'm almost there with my first real Hassy, after using a cheap copy for a while. I've bought a 500 C and a 12 back, but now need a Standard lens to get started, I've been looking on Ebay for a while, but most are outside my budget. I don't need perfection yet, just something to get my hand in. Has anybody got something suitable lying in a drawer. Feel free to contact me offline. Gérard
> I have two lenses for sale,both in mint condition barely used. One is a 120mm f/4 Makro-Planar CFE and the other is a 250mm f5.6 Sonnar CFi. They each have both lens and end caps and the Hasselblad leather cases. I do not have the boxes. There is not a mark on them. Let me know if you are interested.
Hi !!
I live in germany. I am interested on the sonnar 250 CFI. What the price for this item??
Dieter Ruffing
Hi Again, By standard Lens I had meant "Standard Focal" being 80 mm or so for the 6x6 format. However upon reflecion I'm sure that I use the 150 and 65 mm lenses on my Clone 6x6. My problem is budget, I just bought the camera and any lens will do for the moment as long as it's cheap and useable. I'll look for "mint" next year. Regards and thanks, Gérard
Salut Gerard, Do you need to use HasselBlad equipement.? Do you need to have the quality that Hasselblad equipement can give you.? If you don't need it, or if you don't see the difference, why do you need to buy Hasselblad.? you can continue to use your clone one, and you have one 6x6 negative. Is it enough.? for you.? If you need to receive the quality that all of us appreciate you have to know that the quality is not costless, it is not Gratis, you have to pay, but we can say, you have to invest, and you know that what you pay now you can retrieve or recuparate when you will sell it. But you can't immagine it with your clone one, what you paid for it is lost. Not with Hasselblad, or other big reference like Leica. I think that the first step in this big world, is possible without to spend a lot of money. You will find a lot of used lenses, for a good price. Maybe not the last version, but always a good one. What is the price that you invest for a good Bordeau.? I think that if you need something you can do it. What is important for a good picture is not the name that you have on you camera or on the lenses, but it is the quality of you view of the scenery. You can have the best picture with an one-shot camera, and you don't see the name Hasselblad on it, but the picture is good. The best is to take pictures, not to collect camera or lenses. Have good fun. Laurent