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SPlanar 56120 any experiences


New Member
Hello fello Hasselblad users -- I’m going to purchase a 120 lens for my 503CX, and since I certainly cannot afford a brand new design, I’m looking out for used lenses. Has anyone heard anything about a S-Planar 5.6/120 T*? I’ve searched through some fori in the Internet to find some useful information about it, but to no avail. The serial # is 5722347, and it looks rather strange (see pic) -- any suggestions? Thanks a lot!
An S-Planar 120 is a lens optimised for close-up work. But the Hassi- Man ual book says that it should be very usable for non-close-up work as well. I never saw one in real life, this is all I know about it.

A have the earlier s-planar 120 5,6 without the T* coating and I love the lens - its good for closeup and its even better for portraits and it has a good balance with the camerabody making it handholdable at slower speeds - and slower speed you will get as 5,6 is not very fast - the lens looks like mine excactly though mine is chrome - i have heard of some lenses were the outer ring has been substituted with one with a T* engraving - from the picture it does not look very coated but there will be someone on this forum who knows a great deal about that - good luck
On was a thread, saying the (old) 5.6/120 T* S-Planar would be more resistant to flare in (portraiture) backlit use case than the new 4/120 makro-planar. But f/5.6 is not f/2.8 (which really helps focusing) Well it really needs an Acute Matte D to focus then!!
Thank you all -- your suggestions were very helpful. Now I did buy this lens, and it seems to be OK, but since there was no manual with it, and Ifm not an experienced Hasselblad owner, Ifm wondering what this mysterious little slide besides the flash socket may be. Itfs labeled V X M and these three settings obviously do something, but what?
That is the time release / flash sync selector. X is for eletronic flash, M for the obsolete one-time flashbulb flashunits.

Sorry, but I didn't get it -- maybe I'm a bit slow sometimes -- but what EXACTLY is the V setting for and what does it have to do with the flash terminal?
> The V setting has nothing to do with the flash terminal. It is used when you want to use the self timer in the lens shutter. This allows the shutter to fire 8 - 10 > seconds after the release button on the camera is pressed.

1. Set the "O T" lever on the camera body to the "T" (time) position. 2. Move the lever on the lens to the "V" position. This winds up the self timer mechanism. 3. Press the camera release button. The self timer mechanism in the lens shutter will start to unwind, and the lens shutter will fire in 8 - 10 seconds. 4. Move the "O T" lever on the camera body back to the "O" position (operate).

David S. Odess Factory trained Hasselblad technician 28 South Main Street #104 Randolph, MA 02368 (781) 963-1166
The V setting is "mixed in" with flash matters only because the lever to set it is the same one that selects the flash-synch "delay" for M and X flash synchronization settings.
There is a reason (have i mentioned something about a "delay" already? ;-)) why it is the same lever, but that's not important for understanding how to use the thing.

When using the selftimer, the flash synch will switch automatically to "X". Now that flashbulbs are rare, or even extinct, this may not matter anymore, but for those of us still planning to use those ancient bulbs stacked away somewhere: better keep that in mind.
I have a 120 5.6 and find that it takes wonderful portraits, however you are limited by the speed somewhat. also i find that it is not quite as crisp/sharp/contrasty as the 80. never used a 150 but i hear the same thing about that true/
David & Qnu: Now that’s what I call an EXACT description, thanks a lot!

All of you: Thank you for your comments, I’m gonna shoot with this lens on Friday, and I can’t wait to see the results!

I wish you a productive new year!!