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Special promo at Photokina ?


I just recieved a "newsleter".

"Photokina Special Offer
In addition to being able to get the full "H3DII Experience" at Hasselblad's Photokina booth, visitors will also be eligible to participate in a drawing to win an H3DII-31 of their very own. And if you purchase a Hasselblad H3DII-31 or H3DII-39 during the show you will receive an attractive special discount as a special Photokina bonus. Drop by the Hasselblad booth for more details.


I'm surprised by this "english" text:

" In the two years since, almost every high-end manufacturer has followed where Hasselblad led. The question is "Where to now?" Join us at the Hasselblad booth to find out (and to get a free guided shooting tour of the H3DII-31)."

It seams to be translated by machine.
Anyway, imposible for me to go to the Kina.

Perhaps it's possible to order by email.
A good command of the English language is not easliy achieved for non native speakers.

I am convinced there are some members of staff at Hasselblad headquarters that can do better.