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spanish people in the forum thread is cancelled

Heyyy, Mister Admin, or only webMaster, I think that your point of view or your decision for eliminate people that want to comunicate, about photography, is not very fair play.
If they don't understand, they can't comunicate, but if they can say what they want, in their language, maybe other people can speak with them, and why not people that are not with english mother tongue.
I think that if we want to accept all people of the world, we have to accept each languages. It is clear that we can accept that one language can be the refence, but not the only one. When you travel I hope that you don't speak only english, or only your mother tongue, we have to accept other languages too. Here too.!.
I don't want to use a polemical tone, but I don't accept that you eliminate people that don't understand and speak english.
I hope that you change your point of view. Thanks.

I think it is fair play.

Using spanish will exclude many from taking part in the discussions.
Now that's not very "fair play".

It certainly is not in the spirit of an open Forum.

True, English is not the mother tongue of many people.
True also that there are many people who speak and understand Spanish.

But be fair, what choice of language would exclude more people from participating?

So if you want to exclude more people than are already excluded, by choosing a lingua franca that fewer people understand, maybe you shuld start your own "more exclusive" forum.
I see no problem with other languages being supported as well as English. If native speakers can communicate easily, that is fine. For those of us w/out foreign language skills ( of which I am one), then it should not bother us in my opinion.

If you wish to participate in non-English discussions, then there is an easy way that is not "perfect", but is at least "managable".

If the forum wishes to allow an automatic language translation feature on the www interface to the discussions, then it is easily arranged for free ( look at the babelfish language translation support off AltaVista at You can place a link on the www page and have any www page in any of a dozen languages "roughly" translated into about a dozen other languages. We use it for International users off our www site at
I for one am not bothered in the least by seeing a post in a language other than English. I can easily figure out how to translate and reply in another language if I desire, and it is no less trouble than ignoring posts which have no interest to me otherwise.

It is always better to be inclusive in America.
Hey guys,

we did not delete the old posting, we moved them into the chat-section. We announced that there too. Please check your e-mail notifications in your profile in this forum, so that you turned on the e-mail notifications for every section of this forum.

Regarding the language decision, I am sorry but we do not see this as a good idea to have different languages in one forum. This will cause more problems and more inconvenience than the benefits of it. This is different if we would open a separated forum for Hassy in another language.

We are thinking of other Hassy forums in different languages - among them German, French, Italien and Spanish. But without any native speaker moderators (or i.e. at least relative good in spanish), it makes no sense to open one.

Please understand that it will end nowhere to have a multilingual discussion in one forum. If there are a few people with a strong background in another language (spanish, french etc.) who would like to see a Hassy forum in a non-english language, feel free to send an e-mail to the webmaster and we can evaluate whether it makes sense to open one in that language.

But this is a lot of (webmaster)work and we have to make sure that we have some moderators who are willing to invest time in this hobby and this internet site to decrease the workload behind the curtain. An internet forum is not as easy as it is looking

We are also looking for moderators for this(English) Hasselblad forum by the way, the more the better
I believe that the most important thing is that in the forum, we can speak of the hasselblad xpan in any language.
Why don't cancelled the administrator, the post of the inform of labs in los angeles?
Many people don't live in los angeles.
Thanks for all and sorry for my english
Please, the spanish users can go to the yahoo group "HASSELBLAD XPAN EN CASTELLANO".
Sorry for all the users in this forum