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So whatbs the Hasselblad item you regret


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For some light entertainment and maybe as a potential warning to others, I wonder what fellow members feel is the worst Hassy item they ever bought?

What do you regret buying - something that underperforms; something stupidly designed; something that ultimately became useless?

Or, in a similar way what did you buy that you ended up never using; or, you sold off quickly realising it had no worthwhile purpose?

May be interesting to hear very long term users' views!
Maybe I'll kick this off!

Since I very slowly and progressively bought into this system I was able to be careful and get much info on-line before I jumped in. While I doubt any item was just a stupid product or even a stupid buy, I have one small regret.

I bought a Polaroid film back 3 years ago - have used it no more than 5 times. I just see little real or practical benefit in pre-shooting polaroids - I get my exposures right even in trick situations (no bragging here - just a reality) and I seem to frame well enough.

However, maybe as I get into some more creative shooting say of objects using multiple flash and macro this could be where I get value for money from the back.

I bought it on a whim because it was going stupidly cheap - a very small fraction of new cost at the time.

BUT, I have thought hard about what aspects of the system annoy me and only two do:

1. the screen printing of lens markings - Gee can't a company like Hasselblad and even Zeiss use engravings filled with paint like Leica or even the XPan?

2. the cheap and nasty plastic ring that fits at the bottom of CF lens focus grips (hiding the minature screws and I think meant to keep dust out) - one day the one on my mint CF 180mm just cracked in half and fell off (where do I get another?); another day the one on my equally mint CF 120mm did the same but actually split into 3 pieces. You should have seen the look on my face (never a warning sign before it happened in a split-second)

But I do just love my system.
I have bought a lot of gear over the years that I didn`t really think through.
But that is what you do when you can`t afford to get your ultimate gear.
To cut to the chase for me the ultimate would be a near new 501CM with a CF 120 Makro planar and a 903 SWC both chrome bodies with I guess around three backs and a grid screen for the 501 then all associated filters, that should do it!.
Haven`t regretted any purchases too much, but my regrets would be purchasing gear at a premium for collector reasons, then after looking at them for a few months and gathering dust I sold at a bit of a loss.
I don`t buy gear 500C/SWC for collector value any more, if I won`t use it I won`t buy it!
Mark, I share your view. I have many classic cameras but none is truly collectible. However I use every one at least occasionally - the day I don't is the day they get sold! I hate having any possessions that are unused - monuments to my mortgage!

I realised some years ago that fine china; the best Irish crystal and Copenhagen's finest sterling silver tableware are NOT for use simply when guests call in - my guests did not pay for them, I did!

So I and my family should get maximum value from these things every day of the year. Hence these days I don't have "kitchenware" - I pitched it and use the "fine" items every day and I don't give a damn if that means many get broken. Since I paid for them, I reserve the right to break them myself!

The same goes with camera gear
Simon: there is a certain irony in that a polaroid back (NPC) is also the only Hasselblad related item I regret buying. Thought it would be handy when addressing tricky situations when hiking remote areas a long distance from home -- instead I just bracket and mutter an invocation to the gods of the silver halide
As such I never used the back and I sold it recently. At the time I bought the back I also picked up two film packs: never opened, I recently gave them to the local 'ma & pa' shop that does my E6 processing as a good will gesture in return for their uncommonly friendly and quality service.

Re. "I hate having any possessions that are unused"

I am roughly the same way -- my general rule of thumb is that if something hasn't been used in two years, it is either sold or traded at a fair market value, or given to the 'Sally Ann' or other charity if relatively inexpensive. I am definitely not a collector nor materialistic; conversely, I believe in buying quality (by this I mean well-crafted, purpose-driven items exhibiting excellent industrial design) since this tends to be the more economical and less irritating option in the long run.
Simon, my most useless Hasselblad buys over the years were: a sports finder a sheet film kit (with cutter and everything) a 500ELM (constant battery problems) a microscope adapter.
I have no items I regret buying. Sometimes I sell something I don't need and sometimes regret selling it afterwards. Regarding the polaroid back, I use it a lot while travelling in Asia. I like to take portraits of people but sending pictures by mail gets a lot of work after a 3 or 4 week trip, as well as remembering which person belongs to which address. Therefore I give polaroids away. Direct results to give to pepole who often have no picture of themselves. The handed out polaroids often takes away shyness and bring a lot of joy.
Very interesting responses from all. I was especially interested to hear Frank's "different" use of the Polaroid back - I must try that - never know I may find a regular use for it.

Bojan's cut sheet film kit was a new one for me! It reminds me of the myriad of devices that Hasselblad and Leica developed for various kits they made over many decades - I bet some accessories were sold in remarkably small volumes.

I certainly agree with Waynes' comment about buying quality. Recently when I took my Linhof Technika out for a play on a windy day, I was quickly reminded as to why I chose that camera over many "lesser" options.
I hate having any possessions that are unused >

Simon: I could not agree more! It troubles me to see something new in the box that has never been used. I have never sold any personal property, as I fully intend to use everything! Some of my older possessions have gone out of favor and are of value to a very few persons knowledgeable and appreciative of them (perhaps very old fellows). So, like many belongings when I am gone will be sold for nearly nothing and or given away, but I will have enjoyed using them! Cameras and Crystal as well.