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So what do you read meet the best %2416 bucks I spent


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I was reading the latest issue of Hasselblad's Forum magazine last night, when it struck me that the annual subscription price of just US$16 was probably the best value for money I've spent on reading material in a long time.

Are many members here subscribers to Forum? Do you share my view?

I have found from the 4 issues I have received that the photographers covered have interesting stories to tell and very nice images to parade. I was also pleased that it's not littered with Hasselblad self-promotion.

I also subscribe to Leica's LFI but the delivery is very unreliable which annoys the hell out of me. The content is generally good but some of the shooters profiles are a bit "over the top". The price is many times greater than Forum.

I am eliminating most commercial publications since they have become boring with their manufacturer driven promotion focus and how they often tell less than the truth in many technical appraisals.

So what will you be reading over the Christmas / New Year break?

Happy Christmas.
I am a reader of the HASSELBLAD FORUM since ages and am glad , that the self promotion is not as much today , as it used to be in the past . The edition i like most is number 3 / 2004 . It shows the history of the ZEISS BIOGON and the HASSELBLAD SUPER WIDE up to the current 905SWC . By the way , this is the HASSELBLAD i like most . I have a SW from 1956 in absolute top and working condition and also a 905SWC .
An other very good book , not only for collectors , is RICK NORDINS Hasselblad compendium . Thats my "hassi bible" . But if you are bored by hassi literature , why not reading "tales of mystery of imagination" by edgar allan poe .
. Have a nice X-MAS and enjoy your HASSELBLADS . I will do so .
I do like Forum - nice format, good portfolios. Other photo magazines I subscribe to: - Black & White Magazine: "For collector of fine photography" is their moto. They have portfolios of establish and unknown photographers and I find it inspiring to see other people's work. - Black and White Photography Magazine: Published in the UK, expensive compared to US subscriptions. Great for darkroom and now also some digital darkroom advice. Better than anything I've seen in the US for technical B&W. Also some portfolios. - Lenswork: Very nice format and printing, beautiful portolios
Emmanuel the "Lens Work" publication looks great. Thanks for the tip.

Yes Jurgen, I envy your SWC cameras

Happy Christmas to all.