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Sixpin TTL


New Member
Does anyone know where I can get a six-pin extension cord so I can use my TTL off camera? Or a source for the male and female ends so I can make up my own.
Thanks Bruce
> There are a whole family of Metz adapters for just this purpose if > you are using an SCA300 compatible Metz flash w/ your TTL > compatible Hasselblad ( like a 553/ELX).

> You have the SCA300 interface module on your Hasselblad , then a > SCA 305A that allows multiple cables to "branch" out to one or more > flashes that plugs into it. A SCA 305 V5 is a 5m extension that > plugs into the SCA 305A ( these cables can be daisy chained up to > 15m I believe), and then you connect the other end of the extension > cable to the appropriate adapter to plug into your specific flash > (SCA300 series "potato masher" flash, SCA300 Hot Shoe series flash, > etc).

I collected mine off Ebay and usually got them for
Robert, do you think any of those extenders are useful on the D40 - all it has to connect to is the female 6 pin end?
> The SCA module cables and other attachments use 8 pins ( arranged > as 2 pins on each side of a 'square'), not 6 (arranged as 2 rows of > three) as on the housing of the 553/ELX. Not having a D40, my first > guess is not.
> Depending on your intended usage, you might look at getting an > inexpensive SCA300 flash for the "off camera" shots. This would let > you use the various SCA modules and retain TTL exposure control. > The Metz 36CT series flashes ( they are hot shoe style) are usually > fairly cheap off Ebay since they are several years old. You may > want to look at using a diffuser to be sure it covers the 6x6 area > evenly esp with any lens < 80mm.