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side shadows



Best camera I ever had. Love the TTL capabilities, very accurate. However I have a D-40 flash and a stroboframe bracket but my problem is that when I have this mounted I cannot use the flip-up magnifier since the flash blocks my head. I've been thinking of adding a side bracket since this is a cheaper option then a Prism finder and will handle better I think.

How do I avoid or minimize side shadows with such a set-up. Is this something you have to live with and work around or is it not a big deal? There are a lot of people using the hasselblad with a flash mounted to the side of it, so it must be possible I guess. Any tips or links to s&le pics would be highly appriciated.

I use my 503cx and the Metz 45 CL-4 attached with the normal Metz flash bracket - side mounted. The angle between the optics and the flash is not so big, that you have to expect heavy side shadows. But if so use (a) a Lumiquest to redirect the light or (b) soften the light with a softbox or (c) use a slave flash to lighten the shadows.
Hi Stefan,
I have also a 503cx and a 45CL4, I really want to know if you are using the SCA390 to let the TTL do the measurement or if you are using a photographic exposure meter.
I do not have the SCA390 so I would like to know the quality of the measurement TTL. It should be easier and faster in many situations.
Thanks a lot.

I'm using the SCA390 and received very good results. It is easy and reliable, so no reason to measure manually.

Special effects will need manual override but that's true every unusual effect in photography ,-))