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Shutter tension mechanism


Hi All!
My 500C works wonderfully with my 80mm Planar and My 250mm Sonnar, however with my 50mm Distagon, none of the higher speeds (1/60 to 1/500th) work. The shutter does not open at all at these speeds.
The same lens on a friend's newer body works fine on all functions.
If, after winding on, I remove the lens, and cock it by hand before re fitting it it works fine for one shot.
Clearly the problem is due to play in the cocking mechanisms of both the lens and the body, the cumulative action of which does not allow full cocking of the shutter.
Now that Hasselblad have no longer a service operation in France, I am reluctant to send both camera and lens away for service which will no doubt be very costly. Furthermore, as an amateur, I cannot envisage professional servicing of either item, let alone both. In the worst case I could probably find a replacement body in good condition for less than the service charge, albeit without the security of a thorough check up.
Has anyone experience of these shutter mechanisms? and if so can they tell me how best to take up the play in either the body or the lens, or both, please?
Kind regards to all, Gerard