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Show & Tell

Here's an image I made about a week ago in St Marks National Wildlife Refuge in North Florida. It was made with the 40mm CF FE lens I bought used last summer, using Fuji Velvia 50 film, converted to b&w in PS. I did leave a hint of color (50% opacity) in the pilings. I was hoping to show an image with the 93mm Hassy polarizer I just bought from KEH, but did not use it on this image.
If any of you have a "hankerin', as we say here in Tennessee, it'd be nice to see some of your own Hasselblad images.
Michael H. Cothran
From the verb "to hanker." Meaning to have a desire or longing to do something.
While it's an actual word found in the dictionary, it is somewhat vernacular in nature, since its common usage doesn't seem to extend much beyond the Appalachians.
"Hankerin' " is a phonetic slang of the objective noun "hankering."

@ Michael -

I found a CEO hanker in my pocket .... at least I was told it was a ... han(d)kerchief. :)

I can show and tell how this image was made:

Leatherleaf Mahonia Buds - 5 Jan 2008

503CW + 50CF FLE + Ext16 + Portra 400NC. Focused close by helicoid.
Handheld 1/250 @ max aperture. Tilted for isolation of plane of focus.
Seeking one or two buds and flowers only, and some bokeh!.
Trying to approximate LF selective focus (or the Lensbaby).


Wonderful Michael. The tonality is just beautiful.

Very nice effect from the plane of focus Colin - the 400NC colour is great.

This is a fun shot - I hope the JPEG artefacts don't spoil its sharpness.


503CW @ 1/250sec; CF 150mm @ f8; Kodak Portra 400UC.