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Should I dump my Hasselblad equipment


New Member

I was looking at what my hassi Lenses and backs are selling for now and I was shocked!
Mint 50mm FLE for $1200... I xcan't believe that all of my stuff is worth so little.

Should I dump it now before it's worth nothing or do you think values may climb again at some time in the future?

What's this worth?

1. 500CM Chrome MINT with Accutmat scree and late version hood
2 mint A-12 backs
1 45 degree metal prism version that fits p-100 back
50mm CF FLE used twice MINT
100MM sonnar CF mint-
80MM Planar CF Ex ++++
150 CF Sonnar Mint -
Hassi Pro shade
Hassi Pistol grip
Hassi camera level
Hassi Quck release
Hassi Softar
Hassi filters ( UV)

Only if you need the money, otherwise why not use it, if you need to go digital, get a digital back, and you are in business.



The question is not , what is your gear worth on the used camera market today. ! !
The question is , what is it worth for you .

If you are looking for digital , then go for a CFV BACK , as I have done . Be patient , the digital world is turning around very fast , and there might be a new CFV back soon .

I do believe , if you give away your gear for almost nothing today , you might regret that by tomorrow .
Don't sell it.
Regarding the CFV2:
If a lot of people wish hard enough for it, it's going to materialize.
Well, that's what they told me.

Richard !!!

In my most humble opinion - unless you are starving or about to be made homeless ... Never ever part with your any of your basic V system !

The Hasselblad V system is finest mechanical camera system ever made !
And its so fantastic to be able to use film

Best Regards,